Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Diagnostic Essay Draft: Western Caribbean Cruise

Western Caribbean Cruise
By far, the finest retreat I have ever been on was a cruise to Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. It was my first real vacation out of the country and the first in the company of my wife. It was tranquil, the sights were phenomenal, and the food was just amazing.
I’ve never been pampered anywhere like I was on the cruise. It was nice to be able to relax whenever and wherever I wanted to. Never did I have to clean, cook, or worry about anything. The waiters at dinner treated everyone like royalty, and the housekeepers made sure we had everything we needed, including extra chocolate.
Next, all of the places we visited were unlike anywhere I’ve been in the states. Between the Mayan ruins in Cozumel, the waterfalls we got to hike in Jamaica, and the snorkeling with tarpin in Grand Cayman, the best was the zip line over water in Haiti. This zip line was 2,600 feet long and 500 feet high. It is also the world’s longest zip line over water. When we took the trip up the mountain we saw a lot of the locals, showing the poverty of the country, including the safety precautions, shot guns, they use to protect us from them. Once we got to the top, we harnessed up, and jumped off the platform in the jungle, soon were over the water, then landed on the beach. I will remember that forever.
Finally, the best part of the vacation was the food. Eating incredibly delicious food for every meal, every snack, and anything I wanted in between, was so good to my stomach. The steak, fish, dessert, drinks, pizza, and breakfast were all so excellent. Even the chocolate that the housekeepers left was first-class. I wish I could eat like that everyday. Eating food from the different countries, and eating food prepared by gourmet chefs was a treat I am not accustomed to.
This journey was the best I have ever been on, and would like to go again as soon as time allows. If I could, I would try to live that good and that adventurous here, but Virginia surely isn’t the Caribbean. I will remember the ports we went to, the leisure and the food as if it were yesterday and not last year.
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